A symbol is a representation of something greater than itself, a small part that encapsulates the whole. Sometimes we are unaware of symbols or take them for granted; the flag of the United States of America, the cross of the Catholic Church and even a logo for a corporation such as Apple. We are exposed to these images daily however most of us pay little attention to them and how they engrain themselves into our psyche. It’s not until we are exposed to a symbol that threatens our world view in some way that we experience a glimmer of the power they hold. Take a moment to think about the Swastika, the skull and cross bones or maybe even the desecration of a common symbol like the Catholic cross being inverted. When exposed to these in real life how do you react, maybe your response is filled with fear, aversion or disgust? Whatever your reaction is on some level it is physical. When creating the world in my novel I wanted to create symbols for some elements you will read about. My hope in adding art and symbols to the novel is to create a response to certain elements in the book, a way to manifest reality in a world that is purely fantasy. The other day I set to work on an icon for the World Protectorate Consortium, an authoritarian governmental organization in Savan’s world. This was not the first time I took up the task, but it is the first time that I am happy with the end result. If you click on the link to the WPC above you can see what I have created and let me know what you think.

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