door in the woods

Before you enter there are a few simple rules that we must agree upon. First, leave all your preconceived notions of reality behind. Second, take a moment before you pass judgment on what you are about to see. Third, be forewarned that how you see the world will never again be the same.

If you agree to these conditions then please continue but before you do so I feel that I must give at least one last warning, and that is as follows, “this is not a road to enlightenment, but rather an imaginative roller coaster ride that will hopefully set your imagination free. This is not a place for fairy tales, or uplifting emotional dramas about personal perseverance, but rather a collection of tales that exists within an enigmatic digital realm. For every person that passes through these gates the experiences they have vary as much as the stories themselves, and this is precisely my intention.

Some may say that my work is science fiction, fantasy, speculative fiction or mere crap, but whatever your opinion maybe I hope that your experience of my work will help you reevaluate your views in many way. Let me be clear here that I do not wish to change them, no, for some people the stories will simply reinforce your beliefs. I simply wish for you to take a step back and look at the world from a different perspective. Welcome and thank you for coming. May you enjoy the tales I wish to share, and return often my new-found friend.


Dan Baram



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  1. Good luck with the journey.. mine is underway as well :)

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